"I started going to bootcamp last June. I wasn't sure what to expect in the beginning, but I was so pleasantly surprised with my results and what I was able to take away from these classes. Not only did I feel great, but I was also able to gain knowledge about the proper way to work out. O is fantastic. He is so motivating without being pushy, like some other trainers. He is flexible and is willing to work with your schedule to meet your fitness needs. During bootcamp I learned that he also does private personal training sessions, which I immediately jumped on. Again, very motivational and willing to teach. Of course, I'm taking the Murray Hill bootcamp again this summer. Can't wait. Thanks, O!" - Alexandra S.


"Osazee's bootcamp is a workout guaranteed to make you sweat! He combines strength training with a circuit format to make sure you are maximizing the effectiveness of your workout time. Great music, combined with his encouragement, makes it easy to look forward to the class." - Rob A.


"I started working with O for my wedding after not being very active aside from a few pick-up soccer games. He not only helped shape and tone my body, but also directed me to the proper eating and cardio regiments for my off days. I was fitting in pants that had not been very comfortable in years. I felt and looked great in my wedding photos and continue to work with him 7 months later in order to maintain my new lifestyle." - Kristen F.


"O's bootcamp is a great way to enjoy an outdoor workout in the city. The class provides a dynamic, fast-paced workout in a fun environment. It's designed to allow individuals of any fitness level to make constant progress toward their personal fitness goals." - Matt S.